Friday, 26 March 2010

Hair Loss and Rubbish People.

I somehow forgot to mention in my last post that my hair has started to come out. Ever morning since my last treatment I've woken up with hair on my pillow. Not loads but not just the odd one or two that would come out anyway. Highly depressing - part of me was praying to god I would be mega lucky and get away without the hairloss. Hopefully it'll just thin out and not be noticeable but considering my hair is already thin I wont get my hopes up. :( And if I hear another "Oh it will grow back" I am seriously going to do something I regret!

This is the blog post I didn't want to do but since the aim of this blog was to show how I was coping with having cancer, I felt I couldnt not include it.

As for "rubbish people". This has definately been the loneliest and most depressing experience of my life. I feel I've had more support from people who don't even know me than the ones who are 'closest to me'.* I've had loads of messages from total strangers, my housemates spending a fortune I know they havent got to come see me, gifts and letters from people I've never met and yet practically nothing from some of the people who I thought would be there. I guess it's times like this where you find out who your real friends are. I could go on but I'm so frustrated to the point of tears and if I cry anymore I'll find it harder to breathe cos of my rubbish chest.

Nevermind..I guess I was only well..dying?

*(Dont get me wrong there are people who have been great with me)


  1. Hi Lauren,
    You closest friends are just scared for you and don't know what to do or say. Call them. Tell them you were thinking about them and how much you miss them. That will open up conversation. They still love you and care for you.
    Just one more chemo for me on April 15th. Plan to hit happy hour that night and shoot some fireworks when I get home that night!!!
    Hang in the there!!
    Bill from Texas

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  3. Sorry about your hair - right on schedule though, right?
    Bill from Texas is probably right, some of your friends might just be freaked out and not know what to do or say, so they just leave you alone for fear of upsetting you or hurting your feelings. We are not trained in our society to know how to deal with sick people, so we make socially awkward decisions. Probably doesn't make you feel better though. . .hang in there.