Thursday, 25 March 2010

Chemo Cycle 2 part 1

Well after my blood wasnt good enough for chemo last thursday, they had me in on monday for a blood test. Turns out it was back to normal so I had my chemo then.

My consultant came to see me first. He had a feel of my neck and said my neck was responding really well (you can hardly feel any of the lump now!) so thats a good sign. He talked to me about getting a line put in since I've been suffering with my veins. He even said that the hickman line that was mentioned to me before probably wasn't the best option for me anyway with me only needing 3(hopefully!!) more treatments and it would leave me with scars. So he suggested whats called a long line and this just goes into my arm. Sounds loads better so I told the hospital today (Thursday) that I want one and I've got an appointment for next week. Not looking forward to it like.

So mondays chemo went same as usual. All the drugs apart from the dacarbazine went through fine but as soon as that one started I got the excrutiating pain in my hand again. It was so bad it reduced me to tears. I took some paracetomol(which even the doctor said probs wouldnt make much difference as the pain is from the direct effect on my veins). Then I sat with a heat pack on my arm and they diluted the drug down with some water. This made it bearable and I sat talking to the student nurse for about an hour while it dripped through to take my mind off it. About 4 hours later I was done thank god! Left the hospital and went to lidl to stock up on creme eggs which I then procedeed to eat 3 of followed by a kit kat chunky and I then put a pie in the oven and only didn't eat it cos I fell asleep for 4 hours. I always get the munchies after chemo because of the steroid injection. Its pretty ridiculous how much food I can put away on those days lol.

As for side effects it's just been the usual really. Tiredness the main one. Im writing this at 5.42 after only getting up at 3 and I'm shattered already. Constipation has been another big issue. Yes you really wanted to know that! As for a sore mouth, it hasn't bothered me yet thank god. Last time it was really sore so I don't want a repeat of that. My veins are giving me a bit of pain but its not too bad and i have been feeling a bit sick but I havent found myself with my head in the toilet bowl just yet so hopefully this feeling will have gone tomorrow.

Until next time!


  1. Hi Lauren,
    My son (he's 27) is at the same stage of treatment as you for Hodgkins. Had his third chemo on Tuesday. He was fitted with a PICT line before it started, and it hasn't given him any problems, although he was wary of having it done. Just needs to be flushed out once a week at the hospital. Like you he is very very tired. Good luck with the treatment. I'l be following your blog. Anne

  2. Lauren, your experience sounds so much like my husband's. We used to stop on the way home from chemo so he could get candy, lots of candy. And the chemo was really hard on his veins too. They told us his treatments would take 2 hours, but they always took a lot longer because of the sl-o-ow drip to keep it from burning too bad. He didn't ever get a PICT line though - maybe that would have helped. Glad you talked it out with someone and were able to make a decision you feel comfortable with. Also, as embarrassing as it might be, drop by the drug store and get a stool softener (Colace or the like - they're otc) to take the day before and day of chemo - should help with that little problem.